‘That Was A Sunset’

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Story Preview:

Mitch Gobel...

'...‘Pull down your leggings’, I ordered. 

It was mid-afternoon, we were on one of the busiest walking trails in the Wilsons Promontory National Park - the Mount Oberon track, steadily making our way to the summit for what was going to be one magical sunset.

Standing still in the middle of the trail, Sal slowly peeled her thin-black leggings down over her ass, stopping just below the tops of her thighs.

‘Now pull your cheeks apart’ I asked, more softly this time.

Bending her upper body forward just a little, she reached back, grasped her ass cheeks and spread them, exposing her already wet pussy. 

Casually I licked my index finger then reached down and slid it straight up into her vagina. 

‘Now start walking.’ I continued, ‘And as soon as you stop, I take my hand away’. 

 Being careful not to get caught, Sal full-filled my request and skewered on my massaging finger, I lead her further up the mountain… ...'

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