In Lak'ech

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In Lak'ech

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The way you smile when I put my hand between your legs. The way you crawl, naked across the bed. 

The way you bend over, when I tell you I want to lick your lips. The way you grind, back and forth, while my hand’s guide your hips. 

The way you squeeze my cheeks and whisper ‘open your mouth’, before you spit. The way you move your hands, covered in juices as you swallow my ….

The way you arch your back, as I burry my face between your legs. The way your body flexes when your eyes roll back into your head.

The way your stomach, your legs and your toes tense, when you explode. The way you spread your cheeks when I ask ‘where do you want me to blow?’

My art has always been about pushing boundaries, within myself or externally. Self-growth, expansion and deeper love within plays a significant role in the motivation and intention for my new #sexisart artworks. Through love and art, we’ve grown, we’ve truly lived our lives to their fullest extent and become ashamed of nothing. I am you, you are me, we are one… This is ‘In Lak’ech’


Using the finest Giclee inks and metallic pigments, these prints are among the best quality reproductions available in the art world.

Prints come un-framed and are delivered by our trusted art couriers Australia wide, and internationally. 

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Shipping usually takes approx 2-3 weeks within Australia
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