Wine, Camera, Action...


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Mitch Gobel...

"She’s a rock star in front of a camera, and when I’m the one taking the photos, she so sexual. Her perfect little bum was beautifully lit with the sunlight casting a shadow down her crack, I could feel a bulge in my pants starting to grow as she flexed and bent over for me.

‘What if I put my leg up like this?’ she straightened her right leg out then slowly drew her left leg up towards her, arching her back and propositioning her ass and pussy down the barrel of my camera, her barely-there lacy underwear wasn’t hiding much. When I finally took my eyes away from between her legs, I looked up as she sipped her wine,

‘I want you to fuck me’ she insisted.

I took the camera away from my face and sipped my wine,

‘Say please’ I said quietly,

‘Please fuck me Mitch’ she replied, squinting her baby blue eyes.

‘How bad do you want it?’ I said humoring her with a smile. She threw her head back,

‘Ughhh, just get up here and put your cock inside me!’ she was getting impatient,

I had her just where I wanted her. I calmly sipped my wine and smiled,

‘We’re going to play a little game’ I said, ‘you’re going to do exactly as I tell you to - to please me’ I went on ‘If you don’t do what I say, then the game stops. If you do as I say, then I’ll keep going, but I’m going to push you to please me’.

She licked her lips and let out a deep breathe while holding my gaze,

‘Uh huh’ she nodded..."

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