Outdoor Kitchen


Story Preview:

Mitch Gobel...

'It was a hot sunny afternoon, so she was topless and wearing only bikini bottoms (standard home attire) that sun was coming over the west side of the house, and lighting up her crazy blonde hair like she was an angel. I walked over to the kitchen with the intention of helping her prepare our meal, but completely lost my mind when I saw her, she was glowing. The bench is quite high, for her, so she was on the tips of her toes trying to get higher over a bowl which she was using to mix a salsa and my eyes quickly found her perfectly shaped, perky tanned bum which seemed to be inviting me over.

She didn’t see me coming and I didn’t warn her, I just walked up behind her and put my bare chest up against her naked back. With one hand I grabbed a breast and started massaging it, playing with her nipple. Using the whole of my other hand, I quickly gripped her pussy on the outside of her bikini and started firmly working my fingers between her legs, my palm grinding against her clit. 

Her head dropped back into the support of my shoulder and her whole body went slack, she pulled her hands out of the bowl, covered in juices and planted them firmly on the kitchen bench.

Ohhhh’ she moaned with desire, her eyes closed and her face filled with pleasure. 

Tell me what you want?’ I whispered in her ear.

Without saying a word she spun around quickly, grabbed my face with her juicy, wet hands and forced me up against the bench. She was strong, she was totally in control, she was going to take what I had started and fucking run with it and she did. 

Her juicy hands slid down my face, she gripped my neck, gently choking me. Her eyes were locked onto my lips like a missile, sex in her twinkling blue eyes. I watched her in seemingly slow-motion as she bit her plump bottom lip, her long eye lashes elegantly opening-closing in the golden glow and the light carving exotic shadows over her face. 

My little fantasy ended when she clenched her hands tighter around my neck and swiftly launched her tongue inside my mouth. She was beautifully crazy, our tongue’s trying to eat each others whole, frantically trading places, top then bottom, grinding against one another...

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