Romance is Everything


Story Preview:

Sally Mustang...

'His hands were everywhere, caressing, pulling slightly and kneading. He started at my shoulders, working down my arms; he laced his fingers through mine, and pulled my hand up to his lips, kissing my hand softly. I shivered, not because I was cold, but because of the electricity that travelled throughout my entire body when he did this.

I noticed as he moved down towards my lower back his movements got slightly slower, brushing at my bum cheeks.

My thoughts started to shift - more and more sexual, as I relaxed and enjoyed. I wondered if his dick was hard, or if his breathing was heavy. I started visioning his body, every muscle in his stomach taught and hard. My mind pictured the movements he made when he was entering me from behind. Long hard thrusts . . . 

I was so turned on by the time he began working on the inner of my thighs. I could feel everything. 

Every movement of his palm.

Every squeeze of his hand.

Every brush of his finger and every long pause between movements. 

That was what was killing me, the suspense of his touch. My body needed it, craved more, and couldn’t get enough.  

Touch me more, squeeze me harder, god dammit put your bodyweight on top of me’ My mind was screaming.

My whole body tingling . . .

Again Mitch’s fingers grazed my pussy, I could feel my body move slightly, angling towards him and spreading my legs wide. As though my body had a mind of its own.

His hands continued to caress, but he added a new twist, letting his hard-on rest on certain parts of my body, moving it ever so slowly up and down...'

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