Inhale - Exhale


Story preview:

Sally Mustang...

"It's as though I'm safe. Entirely in the moment. I begin focusing on my breath, letting my inhales travel past my rib age and deep into my belly. As I exhale I let my stomach drop and relax. 

I don't hear him, but I feel him. Mitch's hands connect with my body. He grabs gently at my pussy, through my tights. I’m not wearing any underwear underneath. I let out an unexpected gasp 'ohh.'

I'm surprised. Happily surprised. He rubs me. Teasing me before he pulls my hips back towards him, so my bum is now up against his hard on. A heat travels through my entire body, a heat that has nothing to do with yoga.

He peals my tights over my hips, down around my thighs, exposing my nakedness underneath. He licks. Up and down his tongue travels, dousing me with his saliva.

Oh, oh, oh, oh’ I hear myself moan.

'Gypsy, keep moving, keep practicing, I'll watch' He suggests, as he lets me go gently.

I look back over my shoulder, he is smirking, but there is a glint in his eye. He knows me well. Knows how to turn me on. Instead of answering I stand and strip off my tights and sports crop. I smile at him, playfully and continue through my practice." 

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