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Sally Mustang:

‘Fill me’ I whispered. ‘I’m ready for you’ my eyes glazing over. 

Breathing heavily, I felt something cold and hard press against my front. I gasp as I realise it’s a pool ball. Mitch starts rubbing it against my clit and I react by grinding hard against it. Grinding against anything is one of the surest ways to get me off and I excitedly start moving back and forth on Mitch’s cock as I rubbed my clit against the ball. I wonder what number it is? Black number 8, I guess, knowing Mitch. I feel his legs thrust against mine, and I start grinding harder. The ball feels great, almost like my crystal wand I muse. Faster and faster I grind as Mitch’s thrusts become deeper and deeper, my legs begin to give way and I forget where I am. 


The pool ball falls to the floor and Mitch pulls out in shock. We were both unsteady, lost in the dimension that sex takes you.’

Special thanks to Victoria Villas Bali for our stay, and the use of your pool table, kitchen and most bedrooms… (For the record, we did clean the pool ball).

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