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"It's as though I'm safe. Entirely in the moment. I begin focusing on my breath, letting my inhales travel past my rib age and deep into my belly. As I exhale I let my stomach drop and relax. 

I don't hear him, but I feel him. Mitch's hands connect with my body. He grabs gently at my pussy, through my tights. I’m not wearing any underwear underneath. I let out an unexpected gasp 'ohh.'

I'm surprised. Happily surprised. He rubs me. Teasing me before he pulls my hips back towards him, so my bum is now up against his hard on. A heat travels through my entire body, a heat that has nothing to do with yoga.

He peals my tights over my hips, down around my thighs, exposing my nakedness underneath. He licks. Up and down his tongue travels, dousing me with his saliva.

Oh, oh, oh, oh’ I hear myself moan.

'Gypsy, keep moving, keep practicing, I'll watch' He suggests, as he lets me go gently.

I look back over my shoulder, he is smirking, but there is a glint in his eye. He knows me well. Knows how to turn me on. Instead of answering I stand and strip off my tights and sports crop. I smile at him, playfully and continue through my practice." - Sally Mustang

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Why are we charging?

Firstly Both Mitch and I want to start off with Thank you. Thank you for the ongoing support, believing in us and taking the time to read and enjoy our art and our love.

Our stories are written by us, about ourselves and the moments we share together. Being an artist, or creative of any type takes a certain amount of confidence and by sharing these we hope to inspire Love, connection and sexual exploration.

Both Mitch and I put a lot of value on our work as Artists, and hope you can appreciate the value of it too.

For many years artists have pushed boundaries, and with your support, hopefully we can too. Let's push modern boundaries and encourage freedom and beauty together.

Through our art we believe we can influence change and conversation, not just artistically but in peoples everyday life.  

In order for us to be able to keep creating our Sex is Art stories, we are now charging $5.21 (AUD) for our work. This is a calculated cost to cover our photographer, website fees, email address book charges, a couple of coffee runs between the hours of time we spend creating these pieces. We have actually spent over two weeks creating this one!

We believe that by sharing our story, we can inspire YOU! To not only love sex, have more sex, but also be comfortable with expressing yourself sexually.

We really want to continue to grow with these stories; we are working on more short films, a full novel and all sorts of other creative avenues. Only with your support we can continue to create something bigger and better!

Like all our art, we will be donating 10% of the profits to different conservation efforts, using our art to help make movements and change in the world is something Mitch and I are both very passionate about.

Buy buying our story you are supporting us to continue to create and encourage openness around the topic sex.

In the end, the story is five dollars, the price of a cup of coffee, for a piece of unapologetic and authentic writing, real emotion and a true connection.

 If are not prepared to pay for the story, that’s ok, we will still be releasing a free story, when we can.

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 We hope you enjoy the short-film :)