Slippery Gypsy


Story Preview:

Sally Mustang...

‘Open your mouth’ Mitch whispers, as he pulls his hand from my grip and away from my pussy. I do as he commands with my eyes still closed. He slips his fingers inside my mouth, letting me taste myself. I lick his fingers clean, trying to suppress my smile.
Mitch wants to play dirty, he always does. I have an idea. My eyes fly open.
'Now open your mouth’ I order him.
I lean forward, grab at his cheeks and spit into his mouth.
‘Swallow it’ I say. He opens his mouth, proving himself with a clean tongue. Our eyes meet and our lips connect, kissing each other with the unspoken sexiness of what just went on.
I pull away from the kiss. Beginning to straddle Mitch, I notice the water wash over his cock, it's hard and begging for me, but I wait, I like to watch...

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