Sex of Equality

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Since we started our Sex is Art writing in 2016, we’ve been flooded with requests around people’s relationships, about themselves, about sex and about what we do to make our relationship work on all of those levels. After a lot of consideration, we’re very excited to announce that we have decided to start answering some of the deeper questions which have emerged and come to us through our Sex is Art stories.

 Sex of Equality, is an online course written and presented from both the feminine (Sal) and masculine (Mitch) perspectives, as we have done with our stories. It’s a five-week program that covers many topics which can be often overlooked, sometimes misunderstood and occasionally awkward to discuss in even the most loving relationships 

Imagine you were free to express your desires and needs. Imagine expressing them easily, feeling empowered and sexy whilst approaching them. Imagine yourself radiating with pleasure and bliss. You become irresistible because you are sensual and in love with who you are, you know what it is you crave and you’re not afraid to ask for it. 

The secret to an electrifying and fulfilling sex life is available to everyone. It isn’t just for people in a relationship and it isn’t just about sex. It’s about creating a more pleasurable, sensual, sexual relationship with yourself. Creating new belief systems around sex and getting to know the deeper parts of your body, mind and spirit which you may not have acknowledged yet. 

During the course you will learn about the many aspects that make up a healthy sexual relationship with yourself, and your relationships with others. Sex of Equality covers a range of topics from self-love to domination & submission, and just about everything else between the sheets. 

The course will include a range of video content, reading material and spiritual practices. Photographs, drawings and diagrams. Certain step by step ‘how to’s’ (how to give the ultimate hand job, written by Mitch) and a series of practical activities created by the both of us.

Here is a sneak-peak at what you can expect to discover in Sex of Equality:

 ·     Connection & creating connection

·      Expression

·     Being open and vulnerable

·     Giving feedback

·     Contraception choices

·     Mapping your cycle & syncing your bleed with the moon 

·     Banishing body hang-ups

·     What type of penis/ vagina do I have?

·      Yoni mapping

·     Yoga for a healthy sex drive

·     Exploring masturbation/ self-pleasure

·     Sexual health & hygiene

·     Star Signs, finding a partner through the cosmic

·     ‘Date Night’ exercises

·     Sexual exploration 

·     Expressing desires

·     Fantasies, Toys & Kink. 

·     Resolving disputes & arguments

·     Anal Sex, the do’s and don’ts

·     Oral sex guides and massage exercises 

·     Feminine and masculine roles in a relationship

·     Feminine and Masculine roles in the bedroom

·     Symbiotic relationships

·     Sensuality 

·     Consciously making time for your partner

·     Love languages

·     Sex as a spiritual practise.

·     Reaching orgasms and moments bigger than us

·     And many more…

Sex of Equality creates the opportunity for you to put your pleasure first and learn how to build a sex life that you love and excites you. 

This course for us is about pushing boundaries and helping others to do the same. It’s about awakening and honouring our sexual, spiritual and romantic desires which we are all entitled as humans, it’s about equality – being treated equally in our relationships but above all, it’s about love. It’s all about love…

We’re looking forward to sharing more of ourselves with you, what we’ve learned and what has worked for us, in the near future. If you feel like Sex of Equality could be for you, please register your details below and you will be the first to be notified when we open 

Sex of Equality will be available in late February 2019. The price of the five-week online course will be $250 USD.

Register your interest now to be allegeable for our early bird special price of just $200 USD. 

We are not taking any payments just yet, though registering now will secure your place for the early bird price. We will be in touch with further information on the course and a release date in the coming weeks :) 

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