Since we started our Sex is Art writing in 2016, we’ve been flooded with requests around people’s relationships, about themselves, about sex and about what we do to make our relationship work on all of those levels. After much consideration, we’re very excited to announce that we have decided to start answering some of the deeper questions which have emerged and come to us through our Sex is Art stories.

Sex of Equality, is an online course written and presented from both the feminine (Sal) and masculine (Mitch) perspectives, just as we have done with our stories. It’s a five-week program that covers many topics which can be often overlooked, sometimes misunderstood and occasionally awkward to discuss in even the most loving relationships.

Imagine you were free to express your desires and needs. Imagine expressing them easily, feeling empowered and sexy whilst approaching them. Imagine yourself radiating with pleasure and bliss. You become irresistible because you are sensual and in love with who you are, you know what it is you crave and you’re not afraid to ask for it.