'I'm Not Your Gypsy Tonight'


Story Preview:

Mitch Gobel...

Mitch.’ said a strong, playful voice,
I looked up to see one incredible view. Sal was wearing this insane tight black leotard that covered her body from her vagina up to her neck, with a cutout section over her chest, exposing the better half of her perky breasts. 
Her crazy blonde hair was tied back tight, with a playful high ponytail and her baby blue eyes were dressed in sexy dark eyeliner. Her eyes - they get me every time when she does them like this. Her clumsy and loveable little gypsy side, meets super-direct, exotic, sexy goddess, those eyes could start a war, or end one…
‘Gypsy’ was all I managed to stutter. I was like a 15yr old boy seeing a girl naked for the first time. She read me like a book,
‘I’m not your gypsy tonight’ she said with a cheeky smile,
‘We’re going to play a little game. Take your clothes off, get on the bed and start stroking yourself while I make us a drink’. 
Fucking WOW! I thought to myself - She should’ve been a rock star. 
I didn’t have much to say in response - sex and wine; I wasn’t going to argue with that for a second. I knew the game she was playing, my kind of game, but now I’m on the other side, yeah this could be fun I thought... 

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